Funding to support brand-new processing plant

“De Troyer NV" is determent to grow exponentially the up-coming years.

With a clear vision on the future, De Troyer NV applied for support to make their dream come true. Based on locally landed fish products, the company will add value (filleting, portioning, packaging, etc.) in a brand-new processing plant. To realise best results, the company will work in close cooperation with other partners of the fisheries value chain.

During an open collaboration with CEO Stefan van Sande and CFO Gino Van Muylem, I had the opportunity to discover NV De Troyer's ambitions. I translated them into an in depth project proposal and completed with all necessary documents.

The project proposal, named "Vision2020", has been submitted end of 2016. We expect the results of the evaluation at the end of February 2017.