Fish Skin Leather on the Belgian market

Eco-friendly leather accessories made with passion and  sole (yes, the fish).


Every day, fishermen risk their lives to bring fresh fish to our plates. While filets of well-known fishes find their way to our stomach, other parts of a fish – or even entire fish of less-known species – end up in the stomach of…other fish. But a French pioneer found a better way to use some of these valuable left-overs. After three years of trial and error, she found the best eco-friendly technique of tanning fish skin into leather!

More specifically, the leather of sole (one of the main species in Belgium) is unique. Recently, the leather design and production studio NIYONA accepted my challenge to work with this exceptional product and will soon do a makeover of some of their designs. These new items will be launched beginning of April.

Are you a passionate craftsman, eager to work with new materials?

Then this new material must drive you wild just as it already has a shoe designer, a hatter, a purse designer and a leather addict.
Have a look at and order your fish skins in “marché des cuirs”. Use the code “stephanie” for a 5% discount or you can simply  contact me.


Fish Skin Leather in the press