Closing the loop projects

I am used to bringing together a variety of partners and designing new projects to implement innovation. I guided over 50 project proposals between 2011 and 2015 as civil servant working for a European Fund. Once projects are up and running, I oversee project planning and finances.

For Waste Free Oceans (WFO) I support projects on an international level, rising awareness for the marine waste problem and setting up closing the loop projects.

Actions vary from:

  • detecting hotspots;
  • awareness raising in the involved community;
  • training of technical staff for the collection of waste and
  • providing guidance on transport, sorting, pretreatment.

Once the final product is designed, I offer a communication plan to tell the story to a wide range of consumers of WFO's partners such as Ecover (see picture).

For WFO the Americas, I also wrote the year program, which I developed in close collaboration with the board members.

More details

Period: September 2015 - ongoing

Area: Singapore; New York, US; Dominican Republic; Brussels, Belgium

Clients: WFO Europe, WFO the Americas, WFO Asia