I am Stephanie Maes. Nice to e-meet you.


Guided by the sea

I connect a sea of business opportunities for healthy oceans. Bringing ideas and people together, I accelerate a project with hands-on guidance and deliver marketable products.  The sea is at the heart of my activities.

An awareness of nature

I spent half my childhood either at the beach or climbing mountains and inevitably developed an awareness of our dependence of nature and its forces.

Studying geography was a logical choice (at least for me). Some associate this with memorising names of capitals and rivers, but it 's actually a very wide discipline that touches on social, economic and environmental aspects.

From desk to field (and sea)

I began my career working as civil servant in the field of urban planning. From my desk, I provided policy-makers the material they needed to take decisions based on data I collected and analysed from Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

When I turned 30, I left my desk to volunteer in Ecuador. There I worked more closely with the local community and helped set up a health program in Quito. When I returned to Belgium, I took the opportunity to start working out on the field directly with entrepreneurs, particularly along the fisheries chain.

Together with fisher(wo)men, wholesalers, processors and scientists, we set-up new projects. I helped build bridges with uncommon partnerships and succeeded closing at least a few gaps in the fisheries value chain.

At the same time,  I moved to the seaside (finally!). Since, I have taken many free moments with family, friends & their kids to share my wonderment for the sea.

Connecting what matters

In September 2015, I decided to become an entrepreneur myself (not a fisherwoman - but maybe that’s my next step!) and left my civil servant position to follow my dreams.



And you are?

Do you want to grow your business?  Let’s do an inspiring walk along the beach and sea how we can start working together.